Preston High School offers a number of enhancement programs for our Da Vinci Years students including the following examples:

  • STEM (Neuroscience, Robotics, Horticulture, Coding, Game Making & 3D Printing)
  • Performing Arts (Dramatic arts, Dance program and the State Schools’ Spectacular)
  • Visual Arts (Media/Film & Studio Art)
  • Instrumental Music (Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion & Choir)
  • Liberal Arts (Debating, Stella Sparks, Writer’s Workshop & Book club)
  • Philosophy
  • Other programs co-designed with students based on their interests

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Lead, Explore and Inspire

Students at Preston High School live our school motto – they Lead, Explore and Inspire, and this is the focus of our Enhancement Programs. Our value of inclusion means we strive to provide opportunities for students to do things that reflect their passion or interest. Students relish the opportunity to take the lead and this helps a more rapid growth in their learning.

Enhancement sessions

Our Academic Enhancements ensure students in need of support receive it and those who need extension are challenged. This ensures all learners at Preston High experience learner growth.

Our enhancement sessions:

  • Are student-needs driven and student led where appropriate;
  • Enable experimentation and exploration of skills, ideas and concepts;
  • Cater for diversity in interests and passions;
  • Support students to build self-confidence;
  • Strengthen relationships across the cohort.

In the Da Vinci Years, students are timetabled into three Enhancement sessions per week.