The Arts at Preston High School provides students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively and to learn a variety of skills in the fields of music, dance, dramatic arts and visual arts.

Through the performing arts and visual arts, students challenge themselves to respond to new ideas and develop knowledge of other people, places and time periods. They learn critical thinking skills through the analysis and interpretation of their own and other’s ideas, engaging their minds to understand their own reactions to new and innovative ideas, techniques and mediums.

In the performing arts students have the opportunity to act, direct, dance, choreography, play, film, write and perform. Students learn both the theory and practice of performance.

In the visual arts students have the opportunity to make, sculpt, draw, design, paint, print and photograph/film. Students learn to express artistic concepts and ideas in writing and in response to theory and social change in historical and contemporary contexts.

Through the Arts program students develop skills, dispositions and understandings that they can apply in other fields of learning.

See “Music” for more detail on the Music program
See “Our Curriculum” for more detail about our inspirational course structure.