I live outside of Preston High School’s enrolment boundary. Can I still apply for entry into Preston high School?

Yes, you may apply for entry to the school. The DET’s placement criteria and priority order of placement will determine acceptance of your enrolment application.

How do I get enrolment forms?

In Government Primary Schools your school will provide forms in Week 1 or 2 of Term 2.

Independent and Catholic School students can contact reception on preston.hs@education.vic.gov.au for a copy of the applicable form.

Can I apply in Grade 5 at the same time the non-government schools seek enrolment?

While government secondary schools cannot enrol children before Grade 6, Principal Sean Butler can provide written advice on enrolment for year 7 for children attending Catholic or Independent Schools.

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When are enrolment forms due for 2023?

Forms are due back to Government Primary Schools on the 12th of May.

If your child attends a Catholic or Independent School, or for any other reason hasn’t met this date, please contact our enrolment officer here.

What subjects do you offer?

Preston High School offers all the standard subjects, and more. Like all schools in Victoria (Government, Religious and Independent) we provide the Victorian Curriculum. In addition, in our inspiring Da Vinci program we teach Philosophy, Engineering/Design Thinking and Leadership as well as an enhancement curriculum including Robotics, Dance, Instrumental music, Debating and more.