Our culture values the contribution of every member of our community. We know that the diverse talents, skills and backgrounds of our people shape our success.

Child Safety policy

Our child safe policy sets out the Preston High School’s approach to creating a child safe organisation where children and young people are safe and feel safe; and provides the policy framework for the school’s approach to the Child Safe Standards.

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Other PHS policies

School Council

The first elected school council of Preston High School is:

  • Sean Butler, Principal, Executive Officer, DET category.
  • Ken Griffin, President, Parent category.
  • Freyja McCarthy, Vice President, Parent category.
  • Darren Findlow, Treasurer, Parent category.
  • Hannah P. Student category.
  • Thomas T. Student category.
  • Kirsten Blair, Parent category.
  • Rich Gilmore, Parent category.
  • Anh Mai, Community category, High School for Preston.
  • Howard Kelly, Community category, Melbourne Polytechnic.
  • Jo Smale Community category, City of Darebin.
  • Rohan McCarthy, DET category.
  • Shae Nechwatal, DET category.
  • Jess Sartori, DET category.