The Hon. Ged Kearney has offered the following opportunity for young people to grow their leadership in our school

The scholarship:

  • This is a non-financial scholarship offering mentoring and leadership development.

Who can apply:

Young women who are in Grade 6 and are entering Preston High School for year 7.

What it involves:

  • Selected scholars work as a group over the course of their 6 years at High School.
  • Development of an ambitious leadership or change agenda with a focus on social issues in an Australian or local context.
  • Mentoring with Ged Kearney, focused on leadership for young women and on making change happen.
  • The scholars meet once per term with Ged Kearney to progress their work on their leadership and change agenda.
  • The scholars group also meets at school to continue to explore their leadership journey.

How to apply:

  • When submitting your enrolment preference form (Government Primary Schools) or enrolment request form (Non-Government Primary Schools) attach this form. Preston High School may contact Primary Schools to assist with the assessment or verification of applications.