The STEM program at Preston High School promotes Science, Technologies, Design and Engineering, and Mathematics across the school.

The solid STEM foundation provided through the well-rounded Da Vinci Years curriculum ensures that all students grow in confidence as STEM learners and that they are positioned to pursue advanced STEM offerings from Year 9-12 and to pursue STEM in their future careers. Through the school’s STEM program learners develop skills, knowledge and dispositions that position them for success in the 21st Century. Critical thinking, collaboration, communication skills and creativity are considered vital skills in the modern workforce and are enhanced by the STEM program.

Students participate in programs involving computer coding, robotics, 3D printing and drawing, green screen technology, virtual reality experiences and electronics. They are encouraged to participate in competitions and events with a S.T.E.M-theme.

See “Our Curriculum” for more detail about our inspirational course structure.