Mentor Program

The Preston High School Mentor Program strengthens the connections and positive relationships across our community. Each student has a Mentor who is the key contact for them and their family throughout the day.

Mentor Group Operation

Mentor groups meet for 10 minutes daily with their mentor who is, wherever possible, a teacher of another course that the mentor group takes.

There is a set curriculum with themes each day*.

  • Monday – Mindfulness
  • Tuesday – Techy Tuesday/Respectful Relationships
  • Wednesday – Inspire Leaders
  • Thursday – Organisation
  • Friday – Reflection

*These may change depending on the needs of the cohort/special events.

Mentor Groups offer students and teachers an opportunity to connect, take stock and plan ahead. Students are supported to effectively organise their time through review and scheduling within their Calendars, Planners and Class Notebooks.

Mentor teachers are advocates for their students and the main point of contact for parents when connecting with the school including during our Student Led Conferences.

Mentor Group provides students with a safe place to express their concerns and desires about the direction of the school, relationships with their peers, stress and anxiety about workload and their goals.

At several points in the week, Mentor Groups practice mindfulness to support students refocus and refresh.

PE, Health and Sport – STEM Domain

Preston High School is a member of the Darebin Division of School Sport Victoria and we compete against other schools in our Division at inter-school sports.

Students participate in Physical Education and Health programs as part of the core curriculum where they learn about healthy lifestyles, health and wellbeing. The school’s brand new stadium will open in 2020.

Food Studies – STEM Domain

Students participate in Food Studies within the Da Vinci Years. In this program, students learn about food, nutrition, and healthy eating while also creating and experimenting with making delicious food.

See “Our Curriculum” for more detail about our inspirational course structure.