The Liberal Arts (English, Philosophy, Humanities and Languages) program engages learners in deepening their reasoning, reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

In the Liberal Arts students gain confidence in their ability to understand and represent the world around them. They study history, geography, literature and literacy and learn to write cogently and clearly for different purposes and audiences.

Creative and critical thinking is enhanced through engagement with an analysis of how people, ideas and the environment interact. Students have the opportunity to debate, perform and present, and to engage in learning outside the school to enhance their understandings.

Languages are an important part of the Liberal Arts program. In the Da Vinci years (Year 7&8) students study either French or Mandarin.

The study of philosophy is infused across the curriculum.

See “Languages” for more information on our language program.
See “Our Curriculum” for more detail about our inspirational course structure.