Year 7 & 8

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) – building strong foundations

Da Vinci is our inspiration for year 7 & 8. He was a painter, philosopher, architect, inventor, musician, mathematician, astronomer, anatomist and more.

Da Vinci’s outlook is reflected in our Year 7 & 8 curriculum where we focus on guaranteeing a strong foundation in all disciplines alongside projects that engage learners in creating and inventing solutions to problems that require them to draw on expertise from across discipline areas.

Across year 7 & 8 students explore 4 disciplines with 3 cross-disciplinary streams and a focus on 4 essential skills.


  • Art & Design,
  • Performing Arts (Music, Acting, Dance / Movement, State Schools’ Spectacular)

Liberal Arts

  • Philosophy,
  • English,
  • Humanities,
  • Language (TBD)

Health and Wellbeing

  • Physical Education
  • Health, Leadership
  • Food / Nutrition


  • Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Environmental Science),
  • Mathematics,
  • Technology including coding

Cross Disciplinary Streams

  • Philosophy
  • Leadership and Community
  • Engineering and Design Thinking

Year 9

Inspired by Rosa Parks (1913-2005) and Faith Bandler (1918-2015) – Leadership: Making a Difference Globally and Locally

Rosa Parks was an activist in the Civil Rights movement in the United States who intentionally resisted the racist, segregation laws of her home State of Alabama so that she would be arrested. She was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger. Faith Bandler was an Australian Civil Rights activist of South Sea Islander descent who was a leader in the campaign for the 1967 Referendum that began the formal recognition of Indigenous Australians.

Building on the strong and broad foundations established in Years 7 & 8, students begin to specialize and experiment, testing themselves and with increasing self-direction striving toward new learning.

Students in year 9 undertake formal training in community leadership and expand their capacity to positively influence the people around them.

Students engage in the Parks & Bandler Project in this year where they explore and take action on an issue related to the environment. Students explore this issue through Art, Science and Philosophy.

The Senior Years: 10-12

Inspired by Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) – fascination, exploration and inspiration

Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace, was a mathematician and writer widely regarded as the first person to understand the potential of “computing” and as the first computer programmer. Her work also led her to consider how individuals and society relate to technology.

Ada’s fascination with mathematics and engineering exemplifies the work of the Senior Years where students have greater access to choosing the focus of their learning. Whether your passion is Art or Zoology the Senior Years provide an opportunity to explore it in depth while preparing for life and the world beyond school.

Preston High will offer a 3-year Senior Years program with the opportunity for some students to commence a VCE study in Year 10.

In Year 10 all students will complete an extended research project in a field of their choice. They will explore research methodology, formal academic writing and produce a dissertation culminating in a presentation to a panel. This gives them the opportunity to flourish and explore in an area of specific interest or passion.

Partnerships with local education providers will give students who wish to pursue a vocational study access to a wide range of VET subjects that can be undertaken as part of the VCE.