High School takes young people from childhood through to adulthood. On this journey, young people learn important skills that are outside the standard curriculum, but that underpin their success. At Preston High School we codify some of the most important skills for success as our Growth Habits.

What are Growth Habits?

Preston High School students learn to be resourceful, collaborative, reflective, and to have a positive¬†attitude to learning. These Growth Habits support students’ development as learners and citizens.


Preston High School students are resourceful when they capitalise upon the resources, tools and materials available to them; they craft their work and connect ideas and strategies. They are resourceful when they are imaginative, devising creative ideas and possibilities.


Preston High School students are collaborative when they are open-mindedempathic team players who listen and make good use of information. They can show independence and initiative to work well in groups.


Preston High School students are reflective when they are self-evaluative and make honest and accurate judgements about themselves. They are self-aware knowing their own strengths and interests and transfer knowledge between applications based on their experience. They are methodical, well organised and think things through carefully.


Preston High School students have a positive attitude to learning when they approach new situations with an inquisitive frame of mind. They are focused and persistent, ignoring distractions and staying determined, positive and patient. They are adventurous and up for new challenges and having a go.